Small Animal Boarding

At Blue Cross Animal Services we care for all pets, not just cats and dogs.  Small pets also need somewhere comfortable, safe and secure to stay whilst their owners are away. Our rabbitry is completely climate controlled with a reverse cycle air conditioning unit, and is suitable for housing all small animals such as rabbits; guinea pigs; rats; mice and ferrets. We also care for birds and even the occasional chicken.

We provide our smaller animals with the same loving attention as all other pets in our care. All small animals are kept clean and safe with an excellent selection of food to suit all small animal dietary requirements.

Please note that we require a valid calicivirus vaccination certificate for rabbits.

If any of your little furry friends require medication during their stay with us, please provide it when booking in and we will administer it as required.

If your pet requires transportation, whether it’s from home or the airport to Blue Cross, or even interstate or overseas, we can also arrange that. We are experts in pet transportation and make your animal’s comfort and safety our number one priority during their transportation.

We love helping people and their pets.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any information on any of your pet’s requirements.