At Blue Cross Animal services we provide a safe and loving environment for your cats during their stay with us.

All our cat homes are individual inside units, which are nice and spacious with special areas for sleeping, meals and playtime. While the cats can see and hear other visitors, they each have their own comfortable, private unit so there is never fear of a cat being intimidated or harmed. Carers are in attendance throughout the day to provide plenty of loving attention for your pet.

Cats are fed a variety of different meals, ranging from fresh meat and fish to tinned food and premium biscuits. We cater to all cat tastes and all meals are nutritious and tasty.

We do however need to see a current vaccination record prior to your cat’s stay with us. Also, please do not forget to bring any medication your cat may require, we will administer all necessary medication to your pet while they enjoy their stay with us.

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