At Blue Cross Animal Services we love all animals and take the responsibility of caring for your pets very seriously. We provide excellent facilities and attention to all pets. Every pet booked in to our care enjoys their own unit, they do not have to share or compete for space, food, water facilities or bedding with any other pets.

Their time spent at Blue Cross Animal Services, whether at rest or while exercising or playing, is a happy and friendly experience for them.

Each kennel unit is fully secured with raised trampoline-style beds and automatic water feeders. There is even a radio playing 24/7, just like home. All kennels are cleaned and disinfected daily and we have carers in attendance throughout the day. Each dog has its own kennel – there is no sharing with other dogs.

We cater to all different sized dogs, from extra-large breeds to lap dogs and miniature breeds.

We offer a high quality, nutritious diet with various options to suit a wide range of tastes and temperaments. It is, however, the responsibility of each owner to make us aware of their pet’s dietary preferences when they are booked in.

Automatic water feeders are used in the dog kennels. As the water is used up, so the water containers are automatically refilled with scheme water, ensuring a constant supply of cool, clean water no matter what the weather.

All pets are exercised regularly and given ample time to stretch their legs.

We are animal lovers and provide every pet under our care with individual care, love and attention during their stay with us.

We are able to administer medication to your pets as required. Simply supply us with the medication and relevant dosage instructions. Our only request is that we are supplied with a current vaccination certificate for your dog prior to each visit.

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